Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, it is possible to sell on Amazon from Pakistan. You can do so by taking various courses.

The total time period of course is one month.

This completely depends on the type of course in which you have registered yourself. However, you should be intermediate or above or doing your bachelors or in the process of completing your graduate degree. Also, if you have some computer skills and want to learn digital marketing, then you can apply as well.

Yes, we refund the fees if you ask us to do so before second class in case you are not satisfied with the training.

Yes, but we can give any guarantees as it all relies on the abilities of our students that how they use their knowledge in practical life. Surely, our training programs are very comprehensive and practical that will make you capable enough to earn online however, much depends on you and how well you turn your knowledge into practice.

There are different ways of earning online about which you will learn in our training program or courses. However, brief answer to this question is you can earn online by becoming seller, reviewer and agent at Amazon.

Yes, you will be assigned tasks like assignments and quizzes in order to be eligible for the certification.

The training is practical but theoretical as well because without knowledge, you can’t do things practically. However, our training is 80 percent practical.