Amazon is a great platform for the people who want to use their organizational skills and develop a business online. There are many people in Pakistan and other parts of the world who can’t establish a proper hardware like office etc., while starting business and thus, find it easy to start selling at Amazon. However, upon joining Amazon as a seller, people may face tough time initially in selling and increasing the sales plus managing the account. This is because the sellers are new at Amazon and don’t know about certain important tips by which their sales can be increased and their account can be managed well. Thus, this article talks about 5 best tips for new Amazon sellers which will help them in working feasibly at Amazon.

5 Tips for new Amazon sellers:

Following are the Best 5 tips for new Amazon sellers

1 – Choosing proper keyword:

It is very important to choose appropriate keyword in the title, description and other parts of your content like listing etc. Keyword is the main part of your content that can increase the traffic of your page if used rightly. Also, it is very necessary that keyword used by you must be the word or phrase which is searched by many people. Moreover, you must use keyword in a balanced way; using it too much or too less will be harmful. Thus, using the right amount of proper keyword is a good strategy.

2 – Good quality of products and their authenticity:

Another tip for the new Amazon sellers is to maintain good quality of the products. In order to gain and then maintain your buyers, you must sell products of extremely good quality otherwise your sales will not increase. Another important thing is to maintain the authenticity of your products. This will make your reputation as a seller very good and your buyers will not only be maintained but increased as well.

3 – Lower Order Defect Rate (ODR):

For the new Amazon sellers, it is significant to know about Order Defect Rate (ODR). It is basically a metric of Amazon sellers’ customer service standards in which there are three things namely; negative feedback, A-to-Z guarantee claim and credit card chargeback. It is necessary for the Amazon sellers to keep the ODR lower than 1 percent otherwise it will be negative for their account’s health.

They can keep ODR below 1 percent by lowering the rate of negative feedback, A-to-Z guarantee claim and credit card chargeback. A new seller at Amazon must know about ODR in order to manage and maintain the health of his/her account in a better way.

4 – Sell as per demand:

Amazon is basically all about capitalism. Capitalism talks about market economy. In market economy, there is always a rule of supply as per demand. Thus, if you want to become a successful seller at Amazon, you must follow this rule of demand and supply. You should also what people in the market want. This strategy will play a great role in increasing your sales and making you a stable business person at Amazon.

5 – Good listing of products:

Among the 5 best tips for new Amazon sellers, the last is that, the new sellers at Amazon must be very careful while listing of products. They must create listings in a way that it will attract majority of people and make them buy your product. Also, every detail must be very clearly mentioned in the listing.

Lastly, the new sellers at Amazon must have strategic vision and farsightedness in order to take the decisions that can play a role in boosting their business. Furthermore, only flourishing business at Amazon must not be the sole motive of the sellers at Amazon but they should also work on maintaining the good health of their account. Hence, by following above mentioned 5 tips, the new sellers at Amazon can get benefited.